Scalp Scrub – For healthy and strong hair

Scalp Scrub - For healthy and strong hair

It is not a practice that we are used to doing for the skin and hair cleaning, but exfoliation is one of the fundamental steps for those looking for a thick and healthy hair. In fact, we are not really used to considering the capillary skin as part of our skin. We take care of the face and hair lengths very carefully but what is at the base of the hair we often worry about when a specific problem arises. Much considered in the beauty routine, exfoliation helps prevent the appearance of dandruff, limit the thinning and accumulation of sebum, accelerating the natural process of removing dead cells to favor their renewal. It can also promote microcirculation and better absorption of treatments that will then be performed The price of hair treatment in Singapore can be found here.

Physical and chemical exfoliation

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Exfoliation can take place physically, applying specific peels for the scalp that contain microgranules, just like on the rest of the body. Working on the surface with a gentle massage, they favor the rubbing of dead cells and their removal. Chemical exfoliation, on the other hand, involves the use of ingredients such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid, lactobionic acid that break the bonds between skin cells, allowing them to be removed. The choice of a product is linked to the needs and condition of the scalp. However, in the case of sensitive skin, intense treatment such as exfoliation may not be indicated, which could stress the delicate areas even more.

Why and how to exfoliate

In case of dandruff, exfoliation can help to lift dry skin flakes and remove them by freeing the pores and promoting the right amount of sebum useful for the hair to be soft and shiny, without causing overproduction. In case of thinning, however, dead cells and sebum can hinder hair growth over time. “In most cases, the follicle has two or more hairs growing from it.

The exfoliating jelly acts as a scrub, a true detoxifying treatment for the scalp. Exfoliates, deeply cleanses and purifies the scalp with a double action pre-shampoo gel enriched with jojoba pearls and fruit acids.

A kit that takes care of the scalp complete with “Exfoliating treatment for the scalp”, mixed with fruit enzymes, BHA and rice pearls that gently remove dead cells and the accumulation of sebum. Lightweight and rapidly absorbed, the “Topical Scalp Supplement” rich in hyaluronic acid, ceramides and peptides and the massage brush.