Is Heart Disease Different In Men & Women

Mitral regurgitation

People of all ages irrespective of their gender or class face heart problems. These are the world’s leading causes of death. Do you want to know more about how heart diseases affect the world population? If yes, then read the article to find out about it.

The common signs of heart disease are the same for men and women. A heart attack might occur at any stage and it can deteriorate a person’s health. Also, it can sap a person’s energy and prevent him/her from being alive and kicking.

Causes Of Heart Diseases

A variety of reasons contribute to the condition such as Mitral regurgitation or any other heart-related diseases. Most common among them are obesity, poor sleep, high blood pressure, diabetes, insulin resistance, smoking and high cholesterol. These factors upset a person’s health and clog the arteries resulting in heart diseases and chest pains.

In these conditions, the heart is unable to pump blood and works at an abnormally slow speed.

Moreover, heart diseases are caused when there is a build-up of plaque inside the blood vessels and arteries. These are connected to the heart and prevent nutrients and oxygen from reaching it.

Apart from this, plaque is a wax-like substance that is composed of fatty molecules and cholesterol. It develops as a result of smoking or high blood pressure. Even lack of exercise and improper eating habits might cause these problems.

Types Of Heart Diseases

Different types of heart diseases may develop over a while. Many men and women bear the brunt of being diagnosed with one of these types. Although the symptoms are similar in both, the severity of pain and the discomfort felt by the person might be different.

Mitral Regurgitation

Mitral regurgitation is a condition in which the blood flows backwards in the heart because of an unclosed valve in the left chambers of the heart. If one experiences shortness of breath, a rapid heartbeat and lightheadedness, he/she must consult a cardiologist immediately and take medication.

Congenital Heart Defects

These heart defects are present in a person since birth. Also, these might include atypical heart valves in which the valves do not open properly causing the blood to leak.

When a person has septal defects in the heart, he/she has a hole either in the lower or the upper chambers of the heart. In a condition called atresia, one of the heart valves is missing.

To sum it up, these heart diseases can develop at any age and the symptoms are common for men and women. They might experience some level of discomfort and pain. These heart conditions are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise. One might eat well, exercise regularly and take a good night’s sleep to keep this condition at bay.