How Does a Hair Transplant Work?

Hair Transplant Work

Roughly 2,000 to 4,000 strands of hair grow on the scalp. Hair transplant procedures are designed to take this strand of hair and transplant it onto a bald or thinning scalp in order to make it look thicker and fuller.

Types of Hair Transplants

Hair transplants can be performed to cover bald or thinning spots on the scalp. They can also be used to fill balding areas on the back of the head, as well as temples or the sides of the head.

There are many types of Hair Transplants Turkey that the doctors at Houston Hair Transplant can perform. With the best of care and techniques, patients can have a full head of hair again in less time than they would expect.

Follicular Unit Transplant

In this type of hair transplant, a strip of skin is taken from the back of the patient’s head. This strip is then transferred to the area of the scalp that needs the hair transplant. In this process, doctors are able to obtain a “donor strip” of hair which contains many hair follicles (which, in turn, contains many strands of hair). This is then placed onto the back of the scalp where the hair transplant is needed. The patient’s own hair is not needed or removed in this process.

In this hair transplant procedure, doctors harvest a strip of hair on the back of the scalp. This is then implanted back onto the patient’s scalp where a full head of hair is needed.

Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction

This hair transplant is a surgical procedure that involves creating a follicular unit from the area of hair-bearing scalp. This may include a strip of hair on the back of the head from a patient’s side, or strips from the top of the head. Each strip is used to create a graft which is transferred back to the patient’s scalp in order to create a full head of hair.

This procedure also involves making incisions on the area of the scalp where hair is planned to be transplanted. These incisions are made around the existing hairline and the area where the Hair Transplants Turkey is needed. The strip of hair is then placed into the incision, and the incisions are sewn up.

Patients undergoing this hair transplant will have the full head of hair that they desire in just 1-3 days.


In this hair transplant, a follicle is transplanted directly from the back of the patient’s head into the desired area of the scalp. This procedure is designed to fill the area where the hair transplant is needed immediately and to create an immediate, natural appearance of hair growth. This is often done to cover bald spots on the scalp or to cover thinning hair.

The patient’s own hair is not needed or removed in this procedure.