Explore more about hair transplant treatment in Singapore

Explore more about hair transplant treatment in Singapore


 The part of the body visible to others that is present on our heads is the hair only, and it is said that if you have thick hair, your body has a higher content for keratin. Keratin is a fibrous protein that helps grow hair and nails. Through this article you will know How much does it cost to do hair transplant in Singapore? Click here to learn more.

Before going further, we must know more about hair transplant surgery.

Ordinary hair fills in groupings called follicular units. Each hair unit has one to four hair follicles.

Hair rebuilding or hair transplantation is a methodology when an individual follicular unit from a contributor site (generally on the back and sides of the head) is relocated to the region of the head where sparseness or hair diminishing is noticeable.

Hair relocation as a medical procedure includes the “moving” of solid hair follicles from the rear of your scalp to the areas of going bald or diminishing.

Hair transplant procedures:


 Going bald uniting, otherwise called hair relocation, is a short-term method where hair joins are relocated to the hair. There are various hair units, and the sum relies upon the required technique and measure of hair.

How much does it cost to do hair transplant in Singapore? Click here to learn more.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) Hair Transplant

 The cost of FUT hair relocation, a medical procedure in Singapore, goes from $8000 to $10000.

Compared with FUE hair relocation, FUT is a higher gamble system requiring more drawn-out advances.

The FUT (Follicular Unit Relocate) system includes trimming a portion of the patient’s scalp before relocating to reap the singular hair joins.

The uncovered region is typically closed together to keep the bare fix from being seen.

Types of hair fall in both men and women

 Balding and hair are diminishing because of “scaling down” by male chemicals.

The condition is called ‘design’ balding because it follows a ‘design’ of hair diminishing in the more significant part of those tormented. In men, it, as a rule, begins from the hairline or crown and spreads to include the remainder of the scalp. Hair development additionally becomes troublesome around the impacted region.

Receding hairline

It is more common in men and women; both genders are equally affected. It is considered the first sign of balding because the hair only starts to lose from this point. The only way to resolve this is by taking a keratin-rich diet which will increase the growth of your hair.