Crisis in contraception: a pill to the rescue!

pill to the rescue

For obvious reasons, emergency contraception is the “morning-after pill.” When your contraceptive fails and you’re afraid you could be pregnant, this pill was made just for you.

A tablet saved the day in a contraceptive emergency

The most crucial thing to remember while dealing with a contraceptive emergency is to remain calm. Be calm; this is precisely why emergency contraception was created! The birth control pill is comparable to the regular pill, which many women have used as contraception. The morning after pill has a much larger hormone dose (more than ten times) than the regular pill. In addition, it is not a dependable kind of protection for routine use.

The birth control pill does not prevent a fertilized egg from implanting, unlike the usual pill.

So, if you’ve already ovulated, there’s no need to take the morning after pill. But ovulation is stopped or postponed as a result. There is no fertilization if there is no egg. Emergency contraception may also affect the uterus, preventing a fertilized egg from implanting. Pregnancy termination is not possible with the morning-after pill.

Aside from not protecting you against HIV infection (the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids) as well as other sexually transmitted diseases, emergency contraception is also ineffective (STIs). In the event of a sexually transmitted infection, condoms should be used.

morning after pill

Check out the facts and figures before we go any further

Pregnancy may still be prevented with the morning after pill, even if you had unprotected intercourse. It works best if you take it during the first 12 to 24 hours following the procedure. Even after 24 hours, its effectiveness is still 95%, but after 48 hours, its efficacy drops to 58%.

If you reside in a different nation, your options for emergency contraception may be different. The drug is available over the counter at pharmacies in several countries. Other medications need a trip to the doctor’s office to be prescribed.

Make a list of all of your alternatives and see which one is best for you!

Talking to someone you can rely on when you’re terrified, powerless, or completely alone is critical in this scenario. Tell them everything, even if it’s not about emergency contraception. Many women in this position are afraid of unintentionally falling pregnant after having a contraceptive issue.