Best Cervical Cancer Specialist In Singapore For Treatment

Best Cervical Cancer Specialist In Singapore For Treatment

The treatment method for cervical cancer depends upon the stage of cancer. Methods like radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, targeted drug therapy, and immunotherapy are effective in cancer treatment. Read further to find out more about the treatment methods of the cervical cancer specialist singapore.

Types of Cervical cancer stages and their treatments

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  • Early cervical cancer- The cancer cells are present in the cervix of the body and have not spread yet. Surgery is the most common treatment in which the specialist removes the cervix and a part of the womb. In some cases, the doctor will need to remove nearby lymph nodes, part of the vagina, ovaries, and pelvis. Surgery is the most effective option, but you can seek other treatment methods like radiation and chemotherapy to reduce cancer risk.
  • Locally advanced cervical cancer- In this stage, cancer spreads to nearby organs, lymph nodes, and specialists use radiation with chemotherapy for treatment. Specialists use highly focused X-rays to kill cancer cells using two different methods. They can direct the X-ray beam to cancer affected area from outside, or insert a hollow tube inside the vagina. This hollow tube has radioactive materials, and with this method, the doctor transfers them to the cervix and vagina directly. They keep the tube for a few minutes until it works, and then remove it.
  • Advanced cancer– This cancer has spread to distant organs like the lungs and liver. Recurrent cancer also falls in this category in which cancer returns. Drug treatment is effective to reduce the symptoms, and control the extent of cancer. The specialists infuse the drugs into the bloodstream, so they can reach the cancer cells in different organs and bones and kill them. Common drugs used here are carboplatin, cisplatin, gemcitabine, and paclitaxel. The doctor will either administer them solo or give two of them depending upon the patient’s need. This process can last for months as the drug should be given until the cancer cells are no longer present.

If you or someone you know has cervical cancer or suspects it, you should schedule an appointment with the specialist and get your treatment option. It is always recommended to approach an experienced doctor who has done this procedure in the past and knows how to deal with it. It is better to book the visit as soon as possible, otherwise, cervical cancer will only spread.