What is heel pain?

Heel Pain

One of the common problems which people complaint is heel pain. In our body heel is the bottom rear part of our leg. The heel is one of the largest foot bone.People of all age groups can complain about heel pain.Our body is very precious and its very important for us to take care of the same.We will have to daily invest little bit of our time from our daily routine in exercising to ensure that we remain fit and avoid health issues.

In a heel there are 2 muscles which help the big toe and the small toe in our feet to move.Heel is one of the most important parts in human body.It helps us to walk and in other ways we can say that heel is the soul of human foot. The ankle bone is placed on the heel bone which indirectly helps us in walking.

It’s important that we take care of our health and most importantly we ensure keeping ourselves fit. Heel is one of the parts on the leg which if not taken care properly may lead to walking issues where in it may be difficult for us to walk. If we can’t walk means restricting ourselves to one specific place which in turn will lead us being dependent on others.

Heel Pain

There could be many reasons for humans to get heel pains.We will have to remember that heel is one of the important part of the leg.Any discomfort or any pain in the heel may lead to permanent disability.Now a days people especially youngsters complaint about heel pain and one of the major reason is wearing high heel shoes or slippers.We should avoid using high heels foot ware for long time as it may cause pain in the feet.People may also suffer from cracks in the heels which causes pain in the heel. Cracks are caused due to soaking the leg in water for more time or may be because of standing and working for long hours in a rough surface.

How to take care of your feet: 

It’s very important that like any other part of our body we will have to take care of our foot.We should do regular massage and apply oil or foot cream which provide the right nutrition to our foot. We should provide good rest to our legs and once in a while have pedicure done which helps the feet to be well maintained.