Spreading Awareness For Financial Support For Breast Cancer

stage 4 breast cancer treatment

According to the doctors, by the time breast cancer reaches stage IV, it has also spread to the other parts of the body, and many organs such as the liver and lungs get damaged. Owing to the spreading of breast cancer to multiple regions, radiation treatment may not be effective alone. It is also important to spread awareness about the different types of options available for stage 4 breast cancer treatment. 

Different treatments for breast cancer

  • Chemotherapy- The most recognized option among the others is chemotherapy, which is generally used along with hormone therapy. This type of treatment is used for slowing down the growth of cancer in the body. Chemotherapy can be used in the form of pills, but in most cases, the drugs are injected right into veins.
  • Hormone therapy- It is the most powerful therapy option if the growth is triggered by certain hormones in the body. This type of cancer is called hormone receptor-positive cancer and through hormone therapy, patients can prevent the tumor from getting control over hormones. Moreover, the usage of various drugs such as Toremifene and Fulvestrant, can also block hormone receptors. In addition to this, women who have not reached the age of menopause can also consider removing ovaries through surgery that will ultimately stop the production of hormones.
  • Targeted therapy- Sometimes, women have more quantity of a protein called HER2 than required for their body, which makes cancer spread more quickly. Targeted therapy includes using drugs such as Trastuzumab that stops the protein from making and expanding the cancer cells in the body.
  • Immunotherapy- This type of therapy includes using certain drugs that trigger the patient’s immune system to fight back cancer and destroy its cells.

stage 4 breast cancer treatment

Along with the aforementioned treatments, surgeries and radiation therapy is also used in some cases.

Generating awareness for financial support for breast cancer patients

Luckily, various NGOs and health organizations conduct breast cancer awareness campaigns. They make collective efforts to bring positive changes in patient’s lives through spreading awareness and generating funds. It is necessary to generate financial support for breast cancer since many women battling their lives with cancer but have no money for treatments. It is an undeniable fact that cancer therapies cost a lot and not every family can afford it. This is why there is an urgent need for generating more and more funds for supporting cancer patients.


Although stage IV breast cancer is incurable, slowing its pace down and making it ineffective than before, patients get to spend some more days with their family members. Systematic treatments can also shrink the tumor. Moreover, with the contribution of non-cancer patients, treatments are becoming more feasible for those who cannot afford it.