Testosterone therapy

What can you do?

There are various preparations available to testosterone therapy: injections, gels and capsules. If your doctor decides that you need treatment, you will then also find out which treatment is best for you. treatment Control When testosterone therapy is started, the patient may go for regular checks. The doctor will be on hand to follow up on the patient experiencing any side effects and also examine how the symptoms improve.

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During the examination, the doctor will also observe muscle development and the effect on body fat, as testosterone treatment increases muscle mass and reduces body fat. It also checks for the typical male hairs such as beard growth and other body hair has grown. Blood samples are taken regularly to evaluate the treatment and liver function tests and blood fats are also checked to evaluate any side effects. If the patient had signs of osteoporosis in the beginning of treatment can also measure bone density. Prostate examination before and during treatment Prior to testosterone therapy is started so do a survey of the prostate. The physician then takes a blood test to measure PSA (= prostate specific antigen) and is also aware of the prostate. Often made even an ultrasound. The prostate should be examined once a year during testosterone treatment. For men with enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia, BPH) it may be necessary frequent checks.

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