Testosterone and women

Testosterone is also important for women

Women are not as well studied as men in this area yet, but there are still good reasons even for women to keep track of their own testosterone levels. “We women have indeed, at any time, more testosterone than estrogen circulating in the bloodstream, so the testosterone is a very important hormone for women,” explained hormone specialist Susan Davis recently for the Swedish newspaper in shape. In the same article predicted doctoral student Sarah Wåhlin-Jacobsen, who researches how male hormones affect women’s sexual drive, a future testosterone supplements for aging women.

“… If testosterone can help prevent us age faster, get sick, have less muscle strength and more prone to fractures, it’s not unlikely that we ever try to fix the problem. But it will require several years of further research, “she said to the Form.testosterone women

What is a “normal” testosterone value of a woman is not easy to know, yet. The relatively low levels of women in the body is more difficult to measure accurately. Testosterone supplements are written almost exclusively to women after menopause and in women who had removed their ovaries. Yet there is not sufficient scientific evidence that testosterone supplements can help fertile women with low testosterone value to better health.

But it is possible, without the aid of drugs, raising a low testosterone value?

Yes, but the scientific support for the methods that actually work in the long term is still relatively weak. Three years ago published a report on ‘The Endocrine Society Congress’ which showed that weight loss can raise the levels of testosterone in the body.

The study was performed on obese men who, thanks to a change of diet and more exercise gained momentum in their declining testosterone levels. Other ways to increase testosterone are: Physical activity. In particular explosive short sessions, also seems to be able to raise testosterone levels in the body. At least in the short term. The same applies to heavy weight training but if the effect persists over time is not clear. Periodic fasting. 5: 2 model has been shown in studies to cause elevated levels of several different hormones in the body, including testosterone.

The mineral zinc. Zinc is important for the production of testosterone and there are a few studies that have seen a link between intake of zinc and improved testosterone levels. That for a long time exposing themselves to negative stress increases levels of the hormone cortisol, which in turn seems to impede the production of testosterone to a certain degree. Since the former is the science agrees that negative stress can cause health problems, which then lowered testosterone levels could be one of them. Keeping track of its own testosterone value may therefore, during the time that science explores the subject field further, be a good way to learn more about their own health. You can take a look at testosterontillskott.se for mor information about womens health.testosterone

A too low value testosterone can affect your health negatively, regardless of whether you are male or female. Werlabs testosterone test is usually taken before 10:00 am, the test must be preceded by 12 hours of fasting and a normal night’s sleep.