Increase your testosterone

Is it possible?

If you have symptoms of testosterone deficiency should contact a doctor. Far from all however know where to turn. It is always good to start with a visit to a family doctor at your local health center. If necessary, the doctor for a referral to a specialist in the area.

There are various specialized doctors working with male problems, such as endocrinologists (specialists in hormone disorders) and urologists (specialists in the urinary tract and the male reproductive organs). To diagnose a testosterone deficiency based on your signs and symptoms, the doctor will examine all possible causes carefully.

If it turns out that you are suffering from testosterone deficiency, a testosterone therapy to improve mental and physical wellbeing. It can boost both sexual satisfaction and quality of life. A treatment may prevent complications such as osteoporosis. The aim of testosterone therapy is to restore testosterone levels that the man had earlier in life and thus maintain or improve quality of life. The effect of testosterone treatments have been proven in numerous scientific studies and after many years of experience in clinical practice.

The treatment improves the mental and physical well-being and performance. Many men talk about positive effects on mood, self-esteem and vitality. The treatment also has a masculinizing effect on the body and pubisbehåringen and beard. Body shape and proportions become more masculine by muscle mass and strength increases and the amount of fat is reduced. In men, testosterone plays an important role in the maintenance of healthy bones.

Long-term hormone therapy increases testosterone and bone density, strengthens the muscles that hold together the bones and reduces in this way the risk of fractures related to osteoporosis. Hormone treatment gives a striking improvement of libido and erectile function. However, it is important to point out that the treatment of erectile dysfunction with testosterone alone is rarely sufficient. It usually depends on additional factors. During a testosterone treatment increases the number of red blood cells. Your doctor will therefore always continuous blood tests to check blood counts.

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